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Next Generation Learning

Watch a short overview of what Next Generation is and how it is changing learning for high school students globally.
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Watch the in-depth story about Next Generation Learning and how it enables young people around the globe to succeed.
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Modern teens around the globe
face a rapidly changing world
with new challenges.


Technology and telecommunication innovation has fueled rapid social and economic changes in the 21st century.  These changes have produced a more dynamic, global society with incredible new opportunities for those who possess the right skills.  


The OE Next Generation Learning platform focuses on providing teens with the skills for real world success.

Opportunity Education is building a technology-powered learning platform focused on life skills and supported by dedicated mentors.  With a research-based approach to development and a team of multidisciplinary thought leaders, we want to give teens around the globe a deep understanding of how the world really works. We do this by providing schools, teachers, and students with financial support in the form of educational materials and resources.

Watch the story of why and how we created the
 Next Generation Learning method, content and technology platform.

Opportunity Education is committed to enabling children everywhere to gain the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in today’s rapidly changing world.
— Joe Ricketts, CEO, Opportunity Education Foundation
This changes education for the better, locally and globally!
— Dawn L., high school teacher
This approach to learning is surprisingly effective!
— Owen M., 9th grade student
Our materials and mobile apps enable students globally to follow their interests and learn relevant skills for success in life and work!
— Manuel Mattke, Chief Innovation Officer, Opportunity Education Foundation
OE’s approach is an innovative implementation based on the best insights from learning science.
— Drew Davidson, Director, ETC/Carnegie Mellon University

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